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Here is our mother land, our home. 太陽花學運期間來自立法院的小角落



在台灣新三寶上面, 有幾頁連環圖畫
– 即使把國家賣了都沒關係


Here is our mother land, our home. (這裡是我的故鄉, 我們的家)

We live and group up here. (我們在這裡生活與成長)

Before we are able to run our land, (在我們可以支配這片土地之前)
we learn things, (我們學習)
talking about our dreams sometimes. (偶爾訴說著我們的夢想)

The grown-ups tell us to behave ourselves, (大人們告訴我們管好我們自己就可以了)
everything is under control. (所有一切都在控制中)


Gradually, I forget. (漸漸的, 我忘記了)

I do not remember the purpose of learning any more. (我再也想不起我上學的目的)
I cannot find where my dreams are born. (我再也找不到我夢想從何而來)

One day, (有一天)
our brothers say that in order to have more bread, (弟兄們告訴我們, 為了要有更多的麵包)
the grown-ups decide to let the neighbor (大人們決定要讓隔壁鄰居)
have a bakery on our land. (在我們的土地上擁有烘焙屋)

Suddenly, everyone wakes up. (突然之間, 大家都醒過來)


Some brothers fight for the right to attending the decision (有些弟兄爭取參與決策的權力)

Some brothers try to know (有些弟兄嘗試去瞭解)
the ins and outs of the whole matter. (整個事件的來龍去脈)

some brothers cover their eyes, (有些弟兄遮蔽他們自己的眼睛)
closing their eyes, (閉上他們自己的眼睛)
isolating their selves. (把他們的自我給隔離了起來)

some brothers even mock the reactions of others. (有些弟兄甚至嘲笑其他弟兄的反應)

“Children who question or have opinions (凡是有問題或是有意見的小孩)
are bad children.” (通通都是壞小孩)

the grown-ups say, waving their hands. (大人們搖搖他們的手, 如此的說著)

I look and think. (我看著看著, 開始思索)

I know I am not a bad child. (我知道我不是一個壞小孩)
I am a member of our home. (我是這個家的一份子)


This is our mother land, our home. (這是我的故鄉, 我們的家)

We do not want to be informed the future
about our homeland. (我們並不想總是僅僅被告知家鄉的將來會是什麼樣子)
We want to build the future of our home together. (我們希望一起創造屬於自己家鄉的將來)
Please give the future which
we can make more unlimited possibilities back to us. (請還給我們一個我們能夠創造更多無限可能的未來)

翻的不太好, 還請多多包涵

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如果有任何 copyright 的主張,
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以上, 再次感謝.

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